ROKO HIDAYAMA .......... Nagamichi

At age of 5, Roko took her first piano lessons which has influenced to later musical career followed by School Choir and professional vocal trainings. She also has significant academic career majoring the field of Musical Education in University. In 2001, with this wealth of musical experiences and knowledges, Roko stared her acting career at OZmate after completion of Musical Theatrical Theory Course lectured by Naoko Tsujii, the Founder of Studio OZ. Thru various stage experiences, Roko is breaking thru her tendency of suiting serious and laid back rolls and expanding the range of acting. Roko is taking a part of Nagamichi, the leading role in the Legend of Oni, who lost his heart and drowning in the sea of greed for the chair of next chancellor.


Ebuki and Toki’s Father.
Never say never - Warm and open minded Nagamichi has slowly changed by an accident which happened in his past…

HIRO MATSUMOTO .......... Ebuki / Ibaragi

Hiro joined Studio OZ at age of 16. 3 years later, she passed the hurdle of an entrance examination which applicants were 20 times more than actual positions and grabbed the chance to study theatre at Furano-Juku, Hokkaido (Founded by Kumamoto So). After 2 years of training with successful experience of the lead act at graduation performance, Hiro flew back to Takarazuka and officially became a member of OZmate since 2007. She also teaches acting and dancing in Studio OZ and contributing her experience to educate next generation. Hiro challenges the act of Ebuki, who has turned into an Oni after betrayed by his own father.


Son of Nagamichi.
A Man with pure heart. Admiring Nagamichi deeply even he begins to have distance with Ebuki as his hair turns into red. Their relationship start collapsing by Takako’s rumor.

SAKI .......... Toki

Since started her acting and dancing lesson at Studio OZ by age of 3, SAKI grew up with Musical Theater. It was in a natural manner for her to joining OZmate when she turned 16. In early stage of Saki’s acting career tend to be a roll of children due to her petit figure. Even though she powerfully proved on the stage that her ability of acting in various characters as more stage she stepped on. Also her fresh mind is enriching OZmate’s performances. SAKI is “one of a kind” actor we cannot miss from our team. In the play, SAKI takes place of heroine, Toki, brave and stouthearted princess who struggle between her fatherwhose heart turned into greedy Oni and brotherwho physically became an Oni.


Daughter of Nagamichi, Ebuki’s younger sister.
Brave also stouthearted princess. She is worry about Nagamichi that a heart is influenced by greed for success in life and Ebuki’s fiery Red hair.

YOKO HIGUCHI .......... Takako

Yoko studied Musical Theater at Studio Oz from age of 16. Afterwards she became a member of OZmate and contributed her acting skills to many performances. To expand her knowledge in theatrical field, she studied at JTB Entertainment academy in Tokyo from 2008 to 2010. With plentiful experience and high motivation, Yoko came back to OZmate in 2011. Ever since then she is flourishing the team as a major actor. Yoko acts Takako, mother of Kanechika who has electric personality. Creates ugly fights with Nagamichi for position of chancellor.


A Rival of Nagamichi. To make her son Kanechika to get the next Chancellor position, she decided to entrap Nagamichi by spreading the rumor that Ebuki became an Oni (Ogre).

KAHO .......... Spirit / Seimei

Kaho is a first student of Musical Theatrical Theory Course at Studio OZ back in 2001. Joined OZmate after the course, Kaho’s acting skill has dramatically brushed up as she gained stage experiences. Rich in emotion, she attracts audience with remarkable singing skill. In the Legend of Oni, Kaho acts Fortune teller Seimei, as well as Spirit who is story teller in the play, guides audience to show the Oni lodges in Human being.

Spirit / Seimei

A Creature made by human greed and hatred. Watching foolish human behaver calmly as bystander. Also Often disguised to be Seimei and make fun of human beings.

MAI KISAKA .......... Shutten

After graduated from Master of English Course, Kobe Ryukoku Highschool, Mai pursued her academic career at Kansai Gaidai University, majoring in Spanish. In 2009, she left university to make a career move to anything but language study. From her memory of breath taking experience from the show in West End, London in past trip, Mai realized her passion towards acting. She knocked the entrance of OZmate on May, 2009. Her extraordinary sense of learning ability soon noticed on stage. And now, she has grown as a one of promising actor in our team. Mai is in roll of Shuten, an Oni which invited Ebuki to Oeyama and teach the way of living as the Incarnation of Mountains.


Son of Yamatano Orochi(A snake looking creature from Japanese Mythology.)and wealthy human girl. He was born with unique appearance so that couldn’t live in human world. Living in Oeyama as an Oni.