♢ About OZmate

It’s the musical theatrical company who made up of voluntary members from studio OZ in 1994. From 2002, it restarted with only women and we perform with warm heart over the gender. We have about twenty members around eighteen to thirties. We set our goal to be a greatest musical company in Japan.

♢ OZmate’s belief and goal

1. We take Broadway musical as a model, and we will make stages the audiences thoroughly feel the real pleasure of musical.
2. We thoroughly pursuit the Broadway musical cast's skill. We break out of the Japanese shell and be the global group of actress.
3. We will be the best musical company in Japan.

♢ Profile of representative – Naoko Tsujii

Naoko started as a member of musical company Follies (Roppngi-Tokyo) under the supervision of Taku Izumi. She was in numbers of stages. In 1991, she returned to her home town Takarazuka and established the “Studio OZ” to instruct musical and dance. In 1994 she started “Musical Company OZmate” with the voluntary members of Studio OZ. Naoko is not only an author and director, but she also compose and write songs. Her work with strong messages has been enjoyed by both children and adults and will keep inspiring the people.